My First Chapter

The day your heart stopped beating is the day mine broke…
Jeffery’s Legacy is my new path. It is about honoring the life of my son Jeffery. It is about helping others in our community and showing support when we can; the same way the community showed it’s support in our time of desperation.
It is through the non-profit Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Inc.
We are in progress of working on the website, presentation of the 2 scholarship recipients each with $3000 will occur at the end of this month and the 1st annual Jeffery Powell Memorial Walleye Tournament has also been scheduled for August 7th. More information will be available soon.
Also, this summer we will be holding a public cemetery service when we commit Jeffery’s ashes and other mementos those closest to him may wish to bring… to the ground.
This is the day we will unveil Jeffery’s “Forever Stone”. More information will be shared as soon as we know when his stone will actually get here!!